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Quality since 1993

- Eurosup formulates food supplements, dietary products and food since 1993. Thanks to the advanced production processes, research and experience gained, we provide innovative products with high quality, purity and effectiveness.


- High-quality raw materials used


- Effective formulations


- Advanced production and product control technologies used


- High quality packaging: our jars have the closure obtained by the application, under the cap, of a heat-sealed seal to ensure that the contents of the jar do not come into contact with the air and therefore preserve the product from possible oxidation and moisture absorption


- Ownership of the brands with which we market the products

In this area you will find our catalogs in PDF format - divided by brand - and the Public Price List!

Our products are also available with Customer's Brand

  • AstaReal
  • Carnipure
  • Cavacurmin
  • Cluster
  • Cognizin
  • CreaPure
  • Creapure pH10
  • DNA
  • Epax
  • KRE
  • Kyowa
  • Lutepure
  • Optipep
  • Oxxynea
  • Sabeet
  • Wellmune
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