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*Kyowa Quality® and the KQ Logo are registered trademarks of Kyowa Hakko Bio Co., Ltd.



• Pre-workout formula for the most demanding sportsmen
• With Cluster dextrin ™, BCAAs 2: 1: 1, creatine (Creapure®), arginine (Kyowa Quality®), citrulline malate, beta alanine, taurine, betaine, caffeine, alpha lipoic acid, inositol, vVitamine of group B, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium.
• Clusters dextrin ™, highly branched cyclic dextrins, are rapidly assimilated and are therefore suitable before or during intense sports activities.
• Potassium helps prevent the formation of cramps
• Magnesium regulates muscle contraction, contributes to electrolyte balance and normal protein synthesis
• Stimulus of nitric oxide thanks to L-arginine and L-citrulline.
• BCAA - muscle support for athletes
• Beta alanine is converted in the body to carnosine, with buffering function on lactic acid
• Creatine increases physical performance in the case of repetitive, high intensity and short duration activities
• Betaine is a donor of methyl groups and contributes to the re-synthesis of S-adenosyl-methionine, which is a precursor of creatine itself.
• Iron contributes to the normal transport of oxygen in the body
• Vitamin B1 contributes to normal energy metabolism
• Vitamin B6 and niacin help to reduce tiredness and fatigue
• Caffeine helps improve concentration and alertness
• Alpha Lipoic Acid, Taurine and Inositol complete this advanced preworkout formula
• Vegan


A diet, albeit appropriate in the quantity and quality of the nutrients, requires an equally specific nutritional supplement, if the athlete, whether professional or amateur, wishes to increase muscle strength and endurance.
In this case, first of all it will be necessary to massify the energy reserves in order to be able to work both in anaerobic conditions and in both lactacide and lactacide.
It should be considered that during periods of maximum effort (competitive and otherwise), attention to increasing muscle mass is of fundamental importance, with particular regard to preserving the integrity of muscle, tendon and bone structures and nerve membranes, not separated from ensuring optimal muscle recovery.
It is obvious that in this case, in addition to the food aspect, the use of specific food supplements is especially necessary especially in the pre-work phase.
Among the most studied substances, verified and recommended by the best experts in the sector, we find Creatine, which can rightly be considered indispensable when you want an increase in strength and muscle power.
Creatine is a molecule made up of three amino acids (glycine, arginine, and S-adenosyl methionine), whose reserves in our body can vary from 120 to 160 gr (based on a 70 kg man).
Its main function is to bind to the orthophosphate ion to form phosphocreatine, a molecule which in turn will serve to restore ATP reserves (through the donation of a phosphoric group to ADP).
Physiologically, this reserve in the muscles has a short duration (10-15 sec under adequate efforts): it goes without saying that an integration of Creatine will certainly prove positive in allowing the presence of more lasting energy reserves over time.
Several studies conducted on both professional and amateur athletes have established that a intake of 3 grams / day of Creatine at the beginning of the sporting phase are able to increase the capacity for muscle work, but are also useful in the post-work phase. out to promote appropriate muscle recovery.
Next to Creatine, it is certainly important to take Betaine, which being a donor of methyl groups, contributes to the re-synthesis of S-adenosyl-methionine, which represents a precursor of the same creatine.
As important as the other two substances, they are branched chain amino acids (BCAA), especially in the 2: 1: 1 ratio, since they play a fundamental role both in promoting the increase in muscle mass but also in optimizing the muscle recovery phase.
To these substances, as excellent travel companions, we should add Arginine and Citrulline substances that increase the availability of NO, a small molecule used to regulate microcirculation, acting as a vascular vasodilator, through an increase in the availability of molecular oxygen.
Another equally important substance is represented by Caffeine, excellent for maintaining mental concentration and therefore improving contractile (muscle) capacity.
In fact, Caffeine, by reducing the feeling of fatigue and stimulating the release of adrenaline, allows you to be more concentrated and to have a faster speed of nerve signal conduction, thus improving the coordination and recruitment ability of muscle fibers.
To optimize these results, it must be taken half an hour before sports performance (pure pre-work phase).
Alpha Lipoic Acid appears to be a fundamental integration with these substances, a sulphured molecule in equilibrium with the reduced form of dihydrolipoic acid, which has captured the attention of clinicians both for the sporting benefits but also for the purely pharmacological ones; in practice, this molecule works as a universal anti-oxidant, being able to neutralize free radicals both in the aqueous and lipid phase (it is obvious that in case of important physical performance, the increase in activity follows an inevitable increase in stress oxidative which, if kept under control, prolongs optimal sporting activity).
In this non-exhaustive overview we do not want to forget Taurine, an interesting sulfur amino acid, present only in animal foods (meat, fish, milk, eggs); in humans it is abundant in the muscles, retina, heart, brain, where it performs important regulatory functions.
The effects of taurine in the body involve different organs and tissues; in particular, the main actions of taurine involve the liver, the eyes, the metabolic system, the cardiovascular system, the nervous system, where it plays the role of protector, regulator and antioxidant substance.
In the vast panorama of nutritional supplements for sports there is no shortage of products that in some way are formulated at least with some of the substances just viewed, but allow me to present you a new product launched by EUROSUP, since not only these substances just mentioned are present and balanced quantities and that of the quality of the raw materials used (all coming from the best manufacturers of functional substances worldwide).
But let's proceed calmly.
The product is called Pre-Bolic Power 640 gr. lemon flavor, and is indicated for the pre-work out phase.
In this product, alongside creatine monohydrate (Creapure quality!), Betaine, Arginine (Kiowa quality), Citrulline malate and Beta Alanine, we find branched amino acids (ratio 2.1.1), caffeine, alpha lipoic acid and Taurine.
But what makes this product unique is the simultaneous presence of other substances that can rightly be defined as complementary to the action of the basic substances.
We will begin to talk about highly branched Cyclodextrins which represent a new type of complex carbohydrate, in which the particular chemical structure of the glucose molecules, arranged in closed circular structures, guarantee rapid absorption and a not excessive impact on blood sugar.
These complex carbohydrates have a constant molecular weight distribution, with low osmolarity and fast gastric emptying.
The highly branched cyclic dextrins are quickly assimilated and for this reason they are suitable before or during intense sporting activities; they are less sweet and do not create particular disturbances to the gastro-enteric apparatus.
They are obtained from corn starch amylopectin, through a reaction catalyzed by enzymes called cyclodextrin-glycosyltransferase.
No less important are the B vitamins, B1 in particular with its action favoring the physiological energy metabolism; Vit. B6 which guarantees a positive effect in reducing tiredness and mental and physical fatigue; Vitamin B3, or niacin which assists with other vitamins of the same group in the correct functioning of cellular energy metabolism, as it enters the formation of two key enzymes: NAD and NADP; Vitamin B5, or pantothenic acid: it is fundamental as a biochemical key in the reactions involving carbohydrates, but also fats and proteins (it is the main constituent of Coenzyme A).
No less essential are the potassium and magnesium salts, for the normalization of pH and the correct hydration, phosphorus and iron, for a correct transport of oxygen.
So, in simple terms, Prebolic Power represents an innovative and complete formulation suitable for the pre-work but also post workout phase, for all athletes, even the most demanding, designed to improve physical strength, ensure regular and sustained muscle growth, also safeguarding the functional recovery and restoration of the altered structures.
The substances used represent the best that can be used today in formulations suitable for athletes who care about their energy and physical growth, but also a particular attention to the restoration of worn structures.

Highly branched cyclic Dextrin (Cluster Dextrin™); Creatine monohydrate (Creapure®); L-Leucine*; Acidifier: citric acid; Potassium citrate; L-Arginine (Kyowa Quality®); Beta alanine; Aromas; Magnesium citrate; L-isoleucine*; L-Valine*; Calcium phosphate; Inositol; L-Citrulline malate; Betaine; Taurine; Sweeteners: sucralose, acesulfame K; Caffeine; Alpha lipoic acid; Ferrous gluconate; Niacin (Nicotinamide) (Vit. PP); Pantothenic acid; Pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B6); Thiamine hydrochloride (Vitamine B1). * Emulsifier: SOY lecithin

* Kyowa Quality and the KQ Logo are registered trademarks of Kyowa Hakko Bio Co., Ltd.

Contains caffeine, not recommended for children, during pregnancy and lactation. Do not exceed a maximum daily intake of caffeine from all sources equal to 400 mg. Due to the presence of creatine the product is intended for adults only. Do not use during pregnancy, in children, or for prolonged periods without consulting the doctor. Before taking the product, it is recommended to contact your doctor. The Lipoic acid may, rarely, cause hypoglicemia. The product does not replace a varied diet. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. Do not exceed the recommended doses. Keep out of reach of children under the age of three. Store in a dry place away from heat sources. Close the package carefully after use.

  Informazioni nutrizionali per porzione (20 g = 1 misurino)/ Nutrition information per servin (20 g = 1 scoop)
%AR/RI Informazioni nutrizionali per due porzioni(40 g = 2 misurino)/
Nutrition information per servin (40 g = 2 scoops)

Energia/Energy 128 kJ/30 kcal
  255 kJ/60kcal  
Grassi/Fat 0 g   0 g  
di cui acidi grassi saturi/of which saturates 0 g   0 g  
Carboidrati/Carbohydrate 7,5 g   15 g  
di cui zuccheri/which sugars 1 g   1,9 g  
Proteine/Protein 0 g   0 g  
Sale/Salt 0,03 g   0,06 g  
Pre bolic vitamin B & minerals energy formula
come potassio citrato /
as potassium citrate
450 mg 23 900 mg 45
come magnesio citrato /
as magnesium citrate
100 mg 26 200 mg 53
Calcio/Calcium (58%AR/RI)
come calcio fosfato /
as calcium phosphate
231 mg 29 462 mg 58
Fosforo/Phosphorus 107 mg 15 214 mg 31
come gluconato ferroso/as ferrous gluconate
2,1 mg 15 4,2 mg 30
Niacina/Niacin (vit. PP) 4 mg 25 8 mg 50
Vitamin/ Vitamin B6 0,35 mg 25 0,7 mg 50
Acido pantotenico/Pantothenic acid 1,5 mg 25 3 mg 50
Vitamina/Vitamin B1 0,275 mg 25 0,55 mg 50
Pre bolic carbo formula
Destrine cicliche altamente ramificate (Cluster Dextrin™)/
Highly branched cyclic dextrins (Clustrer Dextrin™)
6,5 g   13 g  
Pre bolic NOX formula
L-Arginina /L-Arginine (Kiowa Quality®)
1000 mg   2000 mg  
L-Citrullina malato/
L-Citrulline malate
500 mg   1000 mg  
Pre bolic amino formula
Aminoacidi a catena ramificata/
Branched chain aminoacids
2500 mg   5000 mg  
di cui / of which        

1250 mg

  2500 mg  

625 mg

  1250 mg  

625 mg

  1250 mg  
Beta alanina/Beta alanine 1000 mg   2000 mg  
Taurina/Taurine 250 mg   500 mg  
Betaina/Betaine 250 mg   500 mg  
Pre bolic cre-performa formula
Creatina (da Creatina estere etilico, Creatina micronizzata) / Creatine (from Creatine ethyl ester, Creatine monohidrate micronized) 1500 mg   3000 mg  
Pre bolic endure formula
Inositolo/Inositol 500 mg   1000 mg  
Acido alfa lipoico/Alpha lipoic acid 25 mg   50 mg  
Caffeina/Caffeine 60 mg   120 mg  

AR = assunzione di riferimento / RI = reference intake

One serving (20 g = one scoop) per day, which can be increased to two servings (40 g = two scoops) per day for those who practice particularly intense sports. Prepare the product by dissolving a portion of 20 g in 200 ml of water (or two portions = 40g in 400 ml of water) and take the product 30 minutes before the sport activity.